As the Entrepreneurship Foundation, we are working on how we can transform this difficult process, which we are going through with the whole world, for the entrepreneurship ecosystem, our Fellows and all young people.

Taking our first step as of March 12, we moved the office to our homes and started to work from there. We #stayedhome by digitizing all our activities.

As we have always advocated since our establishment, entrepreneurs will initiate the transformation that will make the world a better place. Today, we see that entrepreneurs, who act fast during the COVID-19 outbreak, use technology to solve social problems and work together, give us hope.

As the Entrepreneurship Foundation, we believe that as young people get more and more inspired by entrepreneurship and start thinking like an entrepreneur, we will be stronger as a country to solve social problems.

We turn this period into inspiration days by saying #OurDigitalHomeGirvak. We are here to give hope not only to entrepreneurs, but also to all young people.

What are we doing in #OurDigitalHomeGirvak?

Every day we share inspiring suggestions of us, our Fellows and our board of trustees through our social media accounts. Do not forget to follow us on social media to get a dose of inspiration every day #whileweareathome.

Every morning at Gcoffee, we meet with our Fellows and Alumni along with a coffee. We drink our coffee together virtually to manage these challenging times with solidarity rather than solitariness.

We will meet all young people with our #Gtalks brand every two weeks with 20 minutes of live entrepreneurship / life / technology chats. You can also watch the recordings of Gtalks, which will also be broadcast live on social media, through our Youtube channel.

With #Gtalks Hosted by Fellow, our Fellows organize online meetings on topics they are experts on. They spread their experience by giving back to the Fellows.

Entrepreneurs who are Fellows / Alumni of GİRVAK and who are the MVP of their enterprises are meeting with Fellows and Alumni. In the event, which welcomes a new venture and its founder every 15 days, they consult the different problems and processes faced by the enterprises and discuss the topics they want to learn more about.

We also carried our #FellowUp's to the online environment; we are performing our FellowUp event online, which we had to cancel this month. Through listening the entrepreneurship stories of the leading entrepreneurs of the ecosystem, they will continue to find the inspiration that will guide their lives.

In collaboration with IBM's SkillsBuild program, which is initiated by IBM to support the digital and professional skills development of adults, we open the doors of IBM Skillsbuild to all young people who have already applied to the Fellow Program and have reached the 5th stage. With Skillsbuild, a unique learning platform, we make staying at home informative and fun.

What Have We Learned?

These days have taught us;

That our physical boundaries are no limits to promoting entrepreneurial culture,

That the most important tool for social benefit is young people,

That access to information is democratized by digital means,

The importance of fast adaptation to changing situations and conditions,

The strength of an innovative and flexible structure,

The practicality of short and concise meetings,

That, above all, we are a supporting family, and how much we miss each other when we are physically separated.

What Do We Foresee?

As the Entrepreneurship Foundation, we believe that this period will teach us the power of being together and giving back. As a Foundation that actively uses digital tools, we will focus on how to be more active and accessible. From this period, we will all grow stronger and our belief in the power of technological literacy and entrepreneurship will increase. The world becomes a new place, and as the entrepreneurship ecosystem, we will be pioneers in this change.

We will continue to mobilize young people with online tools to solve social problems, and we will overcome these days with young people with entrepreneurial thinking.

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