Can Dörtkardeşler


For our soul,

One of our 2015 Fellows, a brilliant entrepreneur, loyal friend and incomparable inspiration, we lost our soul in a tragic traffic accident on 14 November 2020.

Can was not only a Fellow, Alumni, but also a young leader who inspired both Girvak and young people who wanted to join the entrepreneurship ecosystem. He was a person who was active in every field he could be with the youth, and dreams of giving back.

You can watch Can's TEDx talk here and get to know an inspiring and unique spirit a little more closely.

Can made 3 attempts when he was only 27 years old. He founded a fashion consultancy company in his first year of university, became a partner of the social enterprise Otsimo, and was the head of Udentify, which he founded, for more than 4 years.

He was selected to Fortune magazine's "40 under 40" list in 2020. He loved volleyball, his friends, family and country.

One of her biggest dreams was to support young people like herself, with her belief in giving back. We decided to create a scholarship fund that will keep his name alive.

With this scholarship fund, we want more young people to live the vision of Can and take over the flag from him, this is very valuable for us.

If you would like to contribute to this fund in order to support more young people like Can, you can contact us at

If you want to support the Can Dörtkardeşler scholarship fund, you can contribute here.

If you want to be a regular donor for the Can Dörtkardeşler scholarship fund and support the future and dreams of young people, you can reach us at

Ziya Boyacıgiller


Ziya Boyacıgiller's wife, Sabancı University Faculty of Management Faculty Member Prof. Dr. The fund, created by Nakiye Boyacıgiller and her family through the Turkish Philanthropy Funds, will meet the one-year scholarship of 2 successful entrepreneur candidates who are eligible to participate in the Fellow 2015 Program organized by the Entrepreneurship Foundation.

“This fund, created with the great contributions of the Boyacıgiller family, in order to immortalize the name of our brother Ziya, who set an example for us with his creativity, humility and generosity in the world of entrepreneurship and enthroned us all, and to support young people who are prone and interested in entrepreneurship, will open the doors of a brand new world to a young entrepreneur on the first anniversary of his passing. . Ziya Boyacıgiller, who is aware of the values such as employment, technology, prestige and investment that a successful enterprise brings to the country from the very beginning, will continue to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs who are entitled to participate in the Fellow Program, as he did to us as our opinion leader, thanks to this fund. It will help entrepreneurship find a place as a value in Turkey's social values.

For more information and donations, you can send an e-mail to

Berkay Akçora


Who is Berkay Akcora , why is it valuable for the entrepreneurship ecosystem ?

Bayram Berkay Akçora, born in Tarsus in 1990, graduated from METU Mechanical Engineering, delegate to OneYoungWorld, founder of ConnectionRaiser and Evreka, musician, honorary Girvak Fellow devoted to development, innovation and beauty, believes that his purpose in life is to create a better world with technology and innovation. He is a young entrepreneur who believes. We believe that this scholarship fund is the right thing to share Berkay's perspective, an inspiration to everyone he touched in his short life, his motivation to follow all his dreams from blue to green without fear, his clear vision that can learn something from everyone at any moment, with young entrepreneur candidates, and to keep his dreams alive. we thought. We, the survivors, are confident that this fund, which we started to symbolize a new life for Berkay and continue to live and inspire his name, will support young people who have a dream and passion to go far.

Why do we want to give this scholarship to young entrepreneur candidates together with the Entrepreneurship Foundation? We imagined that the name of Berkay, who always inspires us and his surroundings with his dreams, excitement, different ideas, "doing" perspective, and his energy to work day and night, touches young entrepreneurs as well. We wanted to give a lifeline to these lands where there are many Berkays.

The Entrepreneurship Foundation is a very valuable foundation that coincides with our and Berkay's vision and we know that it is doing the right things. It is an organization that we appreciate both as a part of and as an observer, and we will make sure that this scholarship is evaluated very accurately. Once again, “Good to know you Berkay, new Berkays will grow up under your name!” we mean. In his own words, “We haven't had our best days yet!”.

Written by Alumnimiz Umutcan Duman

If you want to be a regular donor for the Berkay Akçora scholarship fund and support the future and dreams of young people, you can reach us at

If you want to support the Berkay Akçora scholarship fund, you can contribute here.

If you want to be a regular donor for the Berkay Akçora scholarship fund and support the future and dreams of young people, you can reach us at