Gbase Dijital

With the support of the Istanbul Development Agency and the Ministry of Industry and Technology, in partnership with the Community Volunteers Foundation, we have implemented our GBase Digital program, which aims to facilitate the adaptation of young people to the new normal after the pandemic.

Within the scope of this program, we designed 5 modules both for high school, university, and master degree students, and for the whole society to develop themselves psychologically and socially in their business and daily lives during and after the pandemic experienced in the world and our country;

  1. Psychosocial support sessions
  2. Inspirational talks series
  3. Entrepreneurship Training module
  4. Health Literacy training
  5. Digital Literacy training

Within the scope of the Entrepreneurship Module, we have supported students who have an idea specific to COVID-19 and want to turn it into a business model, to take a “Return to Entrepreneur" training for two months and transform their ideas into products.

10 teams/people who have created a business model met with the mentors in the Entrepreneurship Foundation network to develop their business models further. After that, we introduced these teams on our website and opened them to public voting. The awarded top 3 teams are continued to be supported by TEF to realize their ideas.

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Android Academy is organized by TEF and Google Turkey in partnership with Turkish Airlines, ITU ARI Teknokent, and General Mobile and with the support of ICTA(The Information and Communication Technologies Authority) to increase the tech startups in Turkey. In the program young programmers, entrepreneurs and students take courses on Android programming and entrepreneurship, work with entrepreneurs and programmer mentors.

At the first academy which we started in 2017, students developed Android-based mobile applications on the Smart Cities, Accessibility, and Citizen Interaction topics during the program. In the Demo Day that we arranged in January 2018, Bluedot, Car4Future, Çözümkent, and Sensgreen teams were selected to go to San Francisco as an award.

We have realized the 2nd Term of the Android Academy between 14 February - 15 March 2020. Categories include education, agriculture, cybersecurity, disaster issues, and also healthcare for ideas that will solve the COVID-19 related problems. We received a total of 411 project applications in which 14 projects have been selected for the academy.

We invited these selected teams to our academy to take courses on Android programming, entrepreneurship, and to work with entrepreneur mentors. Besides, we support them to achieve their goals. After the academy training, we will arrange a Demo Day and the top three teams who will be selected by the jury will be awarded free incubation support and an entrepreneurship ecosystem trip to San Francisco.


NEXT 2020 is the first program that combines entrepreneurship with education technologies in Turkey. With the support of the American Embassy, it is initiated in partnership with Turkey Entrepreneurship Foundation and Mef University.

NEXT 2020 is designed for university students who have an idea about educational technologies and want to turn this idea into a business model. The program aims to produce solutions to problems under the main titles of Advanced Technologies, Special Needs Training, Lifelong Learning, and ESTEAM and to raise awareness in these areas.

At the first stage of the process, we include the selected teams in the online “return to entrepreneur” platform that will last for two months and support them in transforming their ideas into business ideas. After the online platform process, we provide teams to attend a 3-day boot camp where they can develop their business ideas and work with mentors. At the end of all these processes, the teams will present their ideas to the leading entrepreneurs of the entrepreneurship ecosystem at the EdTech Summit, and the top three selected teams will be entitled to free incubation support, and the first team will be entitled to receive 15,000 TL support.


We implemented our first Build Your Future program, which aims to provide entrepreneurial skills to refugees living in Turkey with the support of GIZ in 2018. By the first period of the program, we had reached over 200 refugees, and 11 teams completed the program. In January 2019 we started Build Your Future II Program and provided training for 50 entrepreneurs. The program started with the 3-day Idea Bootcamps held simultaneously in Istanbul and Şanlıurfa, and Gaziantep.. At the end of the program, participants met their mentors and prepared for Demo Day. The teams had the chance to present their ideas and receive feedback at our “Demo Day” event, which was open to everyone.

Needs & Leads is a program that brings young entrepreneurs in need, experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate employees together. Launched in 2017 with the funding support of the American Embassy, Needs&Leads designed for all young entrepreneurs and Syrian young entrepreneurs who already have ideas or have set out and reached a certain stage. Needs & Leads sessions are a series of events where young entrepreneurs and prospective entrepreneurs will talk about their ideas and needs in 3 minutes and receive feedback from experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate employees who listen to them. At certain events of the program, corporate companies also took their place as the ones that present their needs.

The project BiBolu, which is designed with the partnership of the Bolu Donors Foundation and Turkey Entrepreneurship Foundation, and is realized with the support of Turkish Philanthropy Foundation, carries a first in Turkey. To increase employment in a city, for the first time; It is aimed to build and disseminate the entrepreneurship ecosystem and to initiate a transformation in the city with the courage of young people to meet entrepreneurship and realize themselves. The project is a prototype for all the other cities in Turkey.

BiBolu, which planned to last ten years, takes the first steps to raise awareness and to increase employment through Online Idea Competition, Bibolu Ambassadors, Inspiration Meetings, Networking Events in its first year.

As part of the program, we look for agricultural, environmental, and smart city planning solutions under the heading of smart cities and digital transformation of the sustainable environment for the online idea competition. We aim for 100 participants selected from 159 people who offer solutions in these areas, to turn their ideas into a business idea by receiving training and supervision. We believe that we can contribute to the development of the city in the long term by presenting the values that Bolu has, to Turkey and the world.

Bibolu ambassadors are a group of 20 young people who live in Bolu and exertive in the development of their cities. We aim to spread the inspiration of the BiBolu ambassadors to the society, by supporting them with various workshops and organizing inspiration meetings for high school and university students to spread the entrepreneurial spirit in Bolu.

In the next phase, we are planning to establish an innovation center in Bolu by creating an entrepreneurship academy and innovation test zone. We continue to improve the program with what we learned from the first year of BiBolu. At the end of the 10-year process, we are targeting to create a resource and an ecosystem where entrepreneurship can be perceived as a career alternative in Bolu and where one can inspire and develop his/her/their business idea.


Within the scope of the Industrial Development Bank of Turkey (TSKB) - Technology and Entrepreneurship Platform, which we launched with our partner TSKB in 2018, fellows and TSKB employees developed different ideas and business models on the specified issues. 11 teams worked one-on-one with mentors from TSKB and Entrepreneurship Foundation network and completed their startup presentation training. 11 teams that presented their startup ideas for 7 months were evaluated in the final jury. The winning teams had the chance to attend NOAH, Berlin's largest entrepreneurship conference, and Slush, the most inspiring entrepreneurship conference in Helsinki.

We also organize special inspirational meetings within the platform for TSKB employees.

Our partnership, which started with our Fellow Program sponsor Boeing in 2016, continued with the Airpreneurs Program, which we held for the third time in 2019. We organized ideathons in 7 different cities in 2017 and 2018 within the scope of the "Airpreneurs" Program, which we implemented to enable university students to come up with new ideas in the field of aviation. We have access to more than 300,000 people through the application process from different provinces of Turkey in the year 2019. The teams participating in the program continued to receive support from TEF and Boeing mentors throughout the process.

We have been organizing the Ünlü§Co Women Entrepreneurs Academy, which we have realized in cooperation with Ünlü§Co, and Endeavor, since 2016. The program, which includes approximately 20 women entrepreneurs who participate in the program for two days each year. Ünlü§Co Women Entrepreneurs Academy includes sessions on entrepreneurship stories, financial training, digital storytelling, branding, leadership and people management, investment processes, and case studies. Through networking activities, we bring together our entrepreneurs with the ecosystem every year.

Our main supporter İşbank and our Fellows are developing innovative ideas. With the innovation ambassador team that we formed especially for İşbank, insights are shared on certain topics and various projects are realized. At the same time, our graduates periodically meet in inspiration events with İşbank Workup.

Shell, a leading global energy and petrochemical company since 1923 in Turkey, coming together with Alumni and Fellows of the Turkish Entrepreneurship Foundation to develop innovative products that create value and customer experience with the perspectives and visions of young people. In the scope of the project, Shell exchanges ideas with Fellows and Alumni discusses ideas, and supports the emerging ideas in order to bring them to life to a possible extent.

We carry out innovation projects with our supporter Allianz. Fellows develop ideas and business models that fit Allianz's strategies on different issues.

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Turkey's transformation towards becoming a producing country and creating value established with the vision to accelerate entrepreneurship in Girvak, create support for young people to following their own way.