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As the Turkish Entrepreneurship Foundation trying to spread the giveback culture, we started taking steps on our way to globalization as of 2016. Based in London, the Founders Pledge was built by founders, for founders and launched out of Founders Forum, Europe's foremost network digital and technology entrepreneurs. It's Managing Director is David Goldberg. Founders Pledge is created with a simple aspiration: to get tech leaders giving now, not later. We created the Founders Pledge with a simple aspiration: to get tech leaders giving now, not later. We empower entrepreneurs to add value to their companies as well as the causes they love, without sacrificing one for the other. Together, we're making a real difference in the tech world and in the global community.

How do Founders Pledge operate?
Through the Founders Pledge, entrepreneurs commit to donate 2% of their personal proceeds to a social cause of their choice, following an exit.
It is designed for startups that haven't begun to consider an exit, from Seed to Series C.
Turkish Entrepreneurship Foundation is the first and only partner of Founders Pledge in Turkey.

To learn more about Founders Pledge, you can send an e-mail to

Meet the entrepreneurs and founders in Turkey who've pledged to support a cause they believe in:

Sina Afra

Chairman of Turkish Entrepreneurship Foundation

Yomi Kastro

Founder of Inveon & Inventures

Hakan Baş

Founder of

Efe Kethüda

Founder of KTH Event Agency &

Umutcan Duman

Evreka Kurucu Ortağı

Hasan Zafer Elcik

Otsimo Kurucu Ortağı

Eray Erdoğan

Lala Eğitim Kurucu Ortağı

Sinan Zabunoğlu Kurucu Ortağı

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