Who We Are?

Turkey Entrepreneurship Foundation was founded with the vision to accelerate Turkey's transformation towards becoming a developed country through entrepreneurship and works with the mission of creating and spreading the entrepreneurship culture in Turkey. TEF which was established in 2014, continues to work with business people and opinion leaders who believe that entrepreneurship is the key to change, to spread the entrepreneurship culture, and to make entrepreneurship a career choice among young people.

Young people who represent 50% of Turkey's population are very excited about creating a change through entrepreneurship if they are supported. They also want to build solutions to problems, improve the entrepreneurship culture, work hard for being an inspiration to others, and give back. As TEF, we truly believe that we can look forward to the future with hope as with the millions of young people who got inspiration from us. We are working to be the pioneer of Turkey's transformation with the Fellow Program which we have designed to enable young people to leave a mark while tracing their paths; with the Start Program designed for high school students; with the Give Back Programs which aims to spread the giveback culture and with the Impact Programs in which we collaborate with the top companies from Turkey and the globe and global fund providers.

The Fellow Program evaluates the entrepreneurship potential of young people with a scientific selection system and brings them together with inspiration and an accurate network. Since the main goal of the program is to support young people with entrepreneurial potential, TEF invests in people, not in ideas.

While supporting young people with the Fellow Program, TEF spreads the entrepreneurship culture in different segments of the society with different programs and projects in collaboration with the private sector and other partners. Entrepreneurship is a phenomenon that grows with the contributions of society but becomes widespread when it gives back to society at the same rate. In this respect, Giveback is a very important factor for the growth of ecosystems, and for young people to see entrepreneurship as a career option. Girvak spreads the culture of giving back with activities for different target groups with the inspiring power of giving back.

While spreading its entrepreneurial spirit through young people to all segments of the society, TEF as the connective power of the ecosystem has been underlining the importance of producing accurate information in this field for all institutions in the ecosystem. Moreover, with this belief and obligation, TEF takes the responsibility of generating accurate information. As TEF, we believe that young people are the key to change, and we need a new, more entrepreneurial, and hopeful perspective to make the world a better place. More importantly, we believe in the freedom created by the uniqueness of every young person and the courage of starting a new initiative.

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Turkey's transformation towards becoming a producing country and creating value established with the vision to accelerate entrepreneurship in Girvak, create support for young people to following their own way.