Fellow Program

Türkiye’nin tüm üniversiteleri ve bölümlerinden başvuru aldığımız Fellow Programı ile hayatta kendi yolundan giderek iz bırakmaya çalışan gençlerin fikirlerine değil potansiyellerine yatırım yapıyoruz.

What Do Fellow Program Provide
for the Selected Fellows?


Fellows are listening to inspirational entrepreneur stories every two months at Fellow Up’s. It is mandatory to attend Fellow Up’s where they get a chance to listen unknown details.


Combining inspiration with network is a golden rule for entrepreneurship. Our fellows are becoming a part of a global network with the events they attend and the people they meet throughout the program.


We invest in people not in ideas. We give a scholarship of 500 TL for 12 months in order to support our fellows’ attendance to the program and their personal developments.

What Does the Fellow Program
Expect From Fellows?


Most of the events within the Fellow Program are mandatory. Our fellows are only allowed to miss one Fellow Up event. After that, they are excluded from the program with the decision of our Board Members.

Startup Ambassadors

The program participants will act as “startup ambassadors” in their own universities in order to propagate the culture of entrepreneurship by creating a multiplier effect.


As part of the Giveback culture, fellows are writing a minimum of 3 blog posts from their experiences including the events they attend.

Selection Process

Fellow Programı’na katılacak gençleri yenilikçi ve bilimsel bir seçim süreciyle belirliyoruz. Altı adımdan oluşan seçim sürecimiz ile, gençlerin içindeki girişimcilik potansiyelini belirlemeyi hedefliyoruz.

CV Scoring

Scoring the CV form filled online


Preparation of a maximum 3-min Youtube video in which the applicant will answer questions, “What’s your motivation to be a part of the Fellow Program?” and “Why entrepreneurship?”

Enneagram Personality Test

Answering the online personality assessment test in order to understand how the applicant expresses himself and what his behavior priorities in daily and business life.

Visual Questionary

Answering the 5 – min online visual questionnaire in order to better understand the entrepreneurship character of the applicant.

Online Interview

Interviewing applicants online by the online interview jury.


Board Members interviewing applicants, after all the stages are evaluated in general.

Who can join the Fellow Program?

To be a citizen of the Republic of Turkey, to be a resident in Turkey, to become entitled to enroll or study in a university in Turkey, to be a 1, 2, 3 and 4th year student at a university and to be between 17-24 years of age.

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